Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home Remedies - Are They Really Effective?

World is full of sufferings. Whenever a person gets disturbed from his daily routine his internal homeostasis gets disturbed. But one is really helpless when he or she some how gets diseased. But to cope up with these kinds of ailments one should be equipped by certain methods that are available around him and is also should be very effective to get his body again in normal state. Here comes the role of home remedies. Home remedies help us to get rid of various disorders. Below are some of the home remedies that will helpful in remaining healthy in the most appropriate way.

Home Remedies for Acne

- Dried orange peel grinded with water and then is made into a paste. It is used in application on the acne and skin related problems so as to treat them.

- Leaves of cucumber are grated and are then applied on acne spots to get relief from it in no time.

- Fresh garlic rhizome is rubbed on the acne to get good results.

- Application of pace pack made from cloves or methi (fenugreek) is highly effective in treating the acne problem.

Home Remedies for Dandruff

- Application of aloe vera gel for 15 minutes on the scalp and then washing it off with water is highly effective in treating the dandruff problem.

- Lime juice is also very effective remedy in treating the dandruff and allied problems.

- A mixture of almond oil and olive oil is also very beneficial in preventing dandruff. It is also helpful in promoting hair growth.

- Massaging scalp with coconut oil is also highly beneficial in curing dandruff problems. It is helpful in promoting hair growth and prevents premature graying of hairs.

- Rubbing the decoction of fresh leaves of neem is extremely beneficial in treating the hair fall and dandruff

Home Remedies for Constipation

- Eating of fruits is helpful in preventing constipation.

- Bale fruit is considered one of the best laxatives. It not only helps in maintain the proper body temperature but also helps in improving the peristaltic movements that facilitates the evacuation of the bowel.

- One teaspoon of Errand oil (oil of ricinis communis) is very helpful in relieving from the constipated condition.

- Consuming extra sweet milk in night is also helpful in evacuation of bowel next morning.

- Consuming fruits like guava and papaya are well known for their activities that are helpful in relieving from constipation.

Home Remedies for Hypertension

- Consume 2 table spoon of onion juice mixed with pure honey for about 2 weeks to attain normal blood pressure

- Consuming papaya empty stomach for amount a month is also effective in treating the high blood pressure

- Amalaki powder has been found quite effective in reducing the high blood pressure.

- Garlic is another ayurvedic herb that is very helpful in normalizing the blood pressure.

- Arjuna is one of the best herb that has very beneficial effects in treating hypertension

- Consuming aloe vera juice twice daily helps in maintaining proper levels of blood pressure.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

- Consuming Karela juice is very helpful in treating diabetes up to the optimized levels.

- Consuming ten leaves of Tulsi leaves are very helpful in treating diabetes. It should be noted that Tulsi leaves are not to be chewed and should be swallowed.

- Fenugreek seeds are also very helpful in treating the dibetes mellitus. The seeds of fenugreek or the methi is are quite effective in stimulating pancreas so that it secretes the insulin that is very much required to maintain normal levels of the sugars in the blood.

- Leaves of tree of butea have also been found very effective in decreasing the sugar levels in the blood.

- Powder of seed of jamun fruit is also very effective in treating diabetes.

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