Monday, June 16, 2008

Do Not Let Diabetes Control You

Diabetes is an affection that prevents the human body from using insulin in transforming the glucose from the blood, leading to an accumulation of glucose in the blood, also known as a high sugar level in the blood.

As a consequence of diabetes, the human body is unable to transform food into energy, and so, it develops other problems involving the heart, the eyes (leading to a blurred vision), and even blood clotting which is very dangerous because it can get you to a cerebral vascular accident (stroke).

By a recent estimate, in the US are known to be 17 million people suffering by diabetes, leading to the conclusion that diabetes is quite a common disease.

Nowadays, people affected by diabetes can use many home remedies to improve their living and to keep their blood sugar levels constant, leading to controlling the diabetes.

People suffering of diabetes are known as owners of a weakened immune system, causing them a lot of inconveniences, such as planter warts.

Planter warts are caused by the attack of a virus called The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and they occur on the sole of the foot. Also, due to this weakened immune system, the planter warts will not cure so easily.

The doctor will inform the person affected by diabetes that this illness can not be cured, but it can be held under control by keeping the sugar lever in the blood within a limit. So, the patient will follow an appropriate diet, will self monitor his blood sugar concentration and will follow an active lifestyle.

Another solution to become insulin independent it to have a kidney-pancreas transplant, but this is costly and risky and not most people will opt for this.

Nowadays, researchers try to find a remedy for diabetes using stem cells, but their solution is not ready to be applied on humans yet.

One of the most reliable methods to control diabetes is to keep a proper diet. Patients with diabetes type I should eat 35 calories/kg of body weight daily, equalizing to 16 calories/ pound/ day. Patients with diabetes type II can eat 1500-1800 calories/day and even more if they are obese.

Carbohydrates are very important, because they keep the blood sugar levels low, and so, they should represent 50% of the daily calories.

Another effective home remedy is the bitter gourd, also known as Karela. One tablespoon of Karela juice/day can amazingly lower your blood sugar level, but it does not taste too good. A tablespoon of Amla juice taken daily for two months can stimulate your pancreas to secrete insulin. The leaves of Butea tree are also effective.

Another popular remedy is: ten Tulsi leaves, ten Belpatras and ten Neem leaves, with a glass of water taken on an empty stomach.

People suffering of diabetes must follow an active lifestyle. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercises daily and a supplement of vitamins and minerals.

One of the most important things in trying to control the diabetes is the support of the family and friends during the first weeks of the new adjustments in the patient's life.

So, if you want to find out more about type 1 diabetes or even about symptoms of diabetes please follow this link